What types of fillers or botox do I need?

Area Filler types Price  Detail 
Under eyes  Restylane L $545 Usually 1 syringes
Temple  Sculptra 500 To fill in the hollow at temple   ( create collagen to fill in area , take 2-3 treatment to  see in the result )
Cheek  Juvederm Voluma XC $700 Best option cause last up to 2 years 
  Restylane Lyft $650 Less expensive but only last 6-12 months 
  sculptra $550 Gradual filling in but we need to do 3-4 times 
Nose, corner mouth   Juvederm Ultra plus XC  $600  Love love this product because we can massage area to reduce the lump. Ultra plus for deep wrinkle 
Restylane Lyft  $650 Result take 2-7 days to see , highly recommend for sculpting purpose for flat area of body like nose , hollow area and 
Juvederm- Vobella  $600 Softer than Ultra plus for mild to moderate wrinkle 
Resytlane Defyne  $600 Target on area where moved like corner mouth . It will look softer and more natural, the products move along the body part that we inject. Not for deep fold though 
Lip Juvederm Ultra plus XC $600 Very volume and more dramatic appearance 
Juvederm Vobella  $600 For a soften look of lip , moderate 
Restylane Silk $500 Great for lips as well and soft 
Restylane Refyne  $600 Soft filler, more natural and soft looking 
Fineline around mouth  Restylane Refyne  $600 Mild to moderate wrinkle 
Juvederm Volbella $600 It work best with vertical line lwrinkles and adding more volume , last up to 1 year 
Restylane Silk  $500 Strongly recommended if want a natural silky lips , not much for volume adding like Volbella but more natural . Last about 6-12 month 
  Restylane Refyne  $600 Refyne and Defyne are the only fillers fda approved that state can maintain the movement and expression , highly recommend on body part where we show more expression 
Chin Restylane Lyft $650 Enhance chin for Vline 
Forehead wrinkle  Botox  $9  
Dysport  $5  
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